Hand-hammered copper has been traditionally made by a group of blacksmith from the low social cast known as the ‘Bishwakarma’. These artisans in general had very low-income, no land and very much depended on their profession to earn a living. They work with very basic equipment and the products are hand hammered and made without using mold or a casting system. Traditionally they used to make cooking utensils and containers for storage and measurement, but the domestic market has become saturated. ACP diversified the products based on contemporary designs to suit the demand of the market and retained the skill among the community. Involvement with ACP has led to a widening of their market information base, thereby allowing them to adapt their production to the needs of the modern market. The results of this change are evident in the beautiful hand hammered products. Each product is hand made using very basic equipment and narrates the excellent craftsmanship of our artisans.