Cotton Textiles

Weaving is one of the many traditional skills of Nepal. These fabrics are woven with a handloom. Textures and designs vary from community to community. The weavers, mainly women, belong to traditional weavers’ communities and the skill has been handed down from generation to generation. With the influx of machine-woven imported cloth, there was a drastic decline in the demand for hand-woven material. Since its beginning in 1984, ACP has been committed to revive handloom weaving production by supporting these women and providing them with modern designs, and helping them with management and technical input as well as finding markets for their beautiful, high-quality hand-woven fabric products. All the textiles are hand woven by our artisans with lot of attention and dexterity. The printing and embroidery are all hand done. Slight variation in color, print and design enhances the individuality of the products making each piece unique.