Nepal is renowned for woodcrafts from the exquisite and intricate carvings by artisans which can be seen throughout the country on pillars, windows and doors of temples, historic monuments and old traditional houses. ACP has adapted these traditional patterns and motifs into paintings and developed a whole range of painted lightweight furniture handmade with a great deal of attention and minute details. Some furniture has also been made combining two traditional skills – carpentry and metal works. The fusion of hand hammered antiqued copper on handmade wooden tables and cabinets has resulted in beautiful and unique products for our customers. The indigenous artwork of Mithila painting can been seen on the walls of many houses in the southern part of Nepal, depicting festive occasions. These designs often use animals – elephants, peacocks, fish, birds, turtles which represent happiness and good fortune. These colorful paintings of various life scenes which traditionally donned houses can now be found on many handicraft products like ceramics, posters, cards and other household items.