Ceramics This pottery comes from Thimi in the Kathmandu Valley and it is well-known for earthenware such as terra-cotta and ceramics products. Thimi has been a potters’ community for hundreds of years and the skills have been handed down from one generation to the next by the Prajapatis caste. The clay used to be available locally but now must be purchased at high prices. This combined with a decreasing market demand over the past decade has made it difficult for potters to make a living. ACP supports them in creating contemporary designs and finding new markets for their products. All our potteries are hand thrown in the wheel. The detailed intricate designs on these beautiful pots are individually hand done. Slight variation in size, shape and color make each piece unique and special. We are proud to share with you that we are now have range of stoneware ceramics. These stoneware products have been fired at the maturing temperature of 1200°C. These products are more shock-resistant, lighter in weight and more impervious to liquid than our conventional ceramic products